Better Property Services.

Founded in 2012 and growing steadily each year, Mobius has established a strong reputation for service quality. Our purpose is to create more secure, better managed, more agreeable working environments. Central to this aim is our determination to be an imaginative, supportive and flexible service provider which respects and values our frontline property management staff for the important work that they do.

We aim for excellent customer and user satisfaction based on great service and clear communication in everything we do – security, cleaning, maintenance & janitorial, often finding innovative ways to combine these service elements. These are the crucial distinctions that define us, and they are the foundations of our business.


We're completely committed to the idea that it's our people that provide our services, and that our company's performance is therefore only as good as theirs. That's the reason our management group is so connected with our frontline staff, supporting them, guiding them, training them, to ensure quality at every step.


complete focus, determination, attention.