Cleaning Services

Attractive, hygienic, clean workplaces.

It’s a simple enough set of requirements, but we have come to realise that it’s also a surprisingly rare achievement. These are the minimum standards we expect of ourselves – after which service enhancement comes by working alongside our customers to build a flexible and responsive model for our cleaners to deliver against.

That’s what we bring each day: an utterly reliable, honest and effective cleaning service that lives up to the Mobius reputation.


Office Cleaning

Doing the basics, doing them well

Hard work, good tools and products, diligent staff under careful management & supervision – this is our recipe for a successful service.
Mobius cleaners take great pride in their work, knowing that we are collectively judged each day on our efforts.


Glazing & Signage Wash

Making your first impression a great one

Traditional, jetwash, pole-fed or chemical-free – our approach to glazing and signage cleaning is determined by the environment, client preference and best-value but, always, the quality of the result is paramount.


Third Party Audit

Maintaining standards, driving improvement

We keep our cleaning services under permanent 3rd party audit using an external expert to assess performance through unadvertised monthly inspections.
The same experts also guide our training assessments - how do we improve? What can be done to get yet better results?


Service Enhancement

Thinking imaginatively about service delivery

A combination of our Security & Estates Officer and a Mobius managed cleaning arrangement assures quality, attention to detail and a responsive service.
We're streamlining for cost-saving, liberating host organisation management time and improving standards.