Janitorial & Maintenance

Quick, responsive, contract and non-contract PPM, repairs and renewal.

Our janitorial engineers are hard-working, honest and dedicated to getting the job done. They are fixers who have no problem getting their hands dirty and are motivated to keeping things moving. It’s a service based on a notion of ‘repair and move forward’ rather than the automatic assumption to replace and overcharge.

Thanks to our well-developed partnerships with local independent specialist trades, we can tackle projects of all shapes and sizes, and those relationships also mean we get preferential rates and service – so jobs get done quicker, better and for a fairer price.


General Janitorial

Locks, lamps and loos

The smallest faults often cause the greatest annoyance. Like a broken lock, for example, or a failed lamp, even a misaligned door hinge. All in a minute's work for a Mobius janitor. Done, sorted, no call-out fees, just time and materials.
Scuffed plasterwork, faded car park markings, broken fence posts, minor leaks and every imaginable fabric repair - so many jobs can be tackled efficiently, quickly and inexpensively.


General Trades

Electricians to landscapers

Where specialist trades are needed, the Mobius stable of contractors step forward. These are certified, fully-insured, reliable and trusted independents who offer excellent service, quickly, and at a fair price.
It puts an end to the uncertainty of googling for contractors and gives complete confidence that the work will get done, on time, on budget, to a high standard and with next to no fuss for you.


Non-Contract Maintenance

Ideal for smaller premises

Commercial buildings are often very complex. But, equally, many are not. So, in a building where the M&E is straightforward and the fabric is good, contracted maintenance may not be the best solution. There may be a better way, and by 'better' we mean more flexible and cost-effective.
Even larger premises can benefit - we look for ways to slim down PPM, helping owners to pay for what they need as they need it - rather than suffer certain cost because, well, it's a possibility.


Service Enhancement

A fully engaged provider

Have a look at our hybrid security/FM service. It has evolved exclusively within Mobius in direct response to our clients' needs. We've taken the view 'what more can we do to help' and have integrated this idea into our daily work. Why shouldn't well-trained, fully engaged and interested security staff do more? It's not 'adding value' in the clichéd sense, it's driving value each and every day. Being efficient. Being imaginative. Being better at Property Management.