The Benefits of Working with Mobius.

The Benefits of Working with Mobius.

Choosing the right service delivery partner is an important decision. There’s tremendous value to be gained from picking the right provider but, if you pick the wrong one, the downside can be equally steep.

So the real question becomes, what do you need? If you’re looking for a service provider that’s responsive, that answers your calls 24/7, that truly values the relationship and that works to build those strong connections, Mobius will fit the bill nicely.

That’s our real strength, and the biggest benefit from appointing us. From the frontline staff who deliver services on a day-to-day basis, through to the management team that makes every decision, everyone cares. We are problem-solvers not problem-creators. Our primary motivation, in everything we do, is a successful outcome for our customer.

Mobius SPS

Services delivered by people.

Our people are our most important assets. Security officers, cleaners, receptionists, janitors, engineers. We look carefully at roles and individuals – matching skillsets to requirements – to give them the best chances to succeed. We train and mentor staff, actively seeking to increase their skills and knowledge and encouraging them to see the value in what they’re doing.

As exemplified by our Hybrid Security concept, we believe that FM is a co-operative effort, where each individual service strand can support (and be supported by) the other. We blur the boundaries so that multi-disciplinary teams are formed, all to foster better service, and better outcomes, across the board.

Respecting the customer.

There’s a ‘me first’ culture in service delivery. It emphasises the short term needs of the service provider above those of the customer. It places pressure on frontline staff to prioritise their employer’s bottom line. We don’t believe in this at all. We believe that this approach damages relationships, breaks trust and shortens contracts.

We believe in dialogue. Complete openness and transparency in everything we do. We build confidence and trust, we collaborate and communicate, and as a result we keep our customers.

So – the benefits are trust, value, openness and longevity. If those are the benefits you seek, come and talk to us.

Start a Conversation.

We’re always keen to discuss new opportunities. Security, cleaning, maintenance and janitorial services – these are our specialisms. And what we like to call Hybrid Security Staff is particularly unique to us. Whether you prefer bundled or separate service provision, or need single or several services, we would be thrilled to hear from you. And if you’re not seeing an exact match to your needs here, contact us anyway, most of the services we now call ‘specialisms’ started because a customer needed something else from us.