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Attractive, hygienic, clean workplaces.

It’s a simple enough set of requirements, but we have come to realise that it’s also a surprisingly rare achievement. These are the minimum standards we expect of ourselves, after which, service enhancement comes by working alongside our customers to build a flexible and responsive model for our cleaners to deliver against.

That’s what we bring each day: an utterly reliable, honest and effective cleaning service that lives up to the Mobius reputation.

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Office Cleaning

Doing the basics, doing them well, paying due attention to small details and giving users comfort and satisfaction.

Hard work, good tools and products, diligent staff under careful management & supervision – this is our recipe for a successful service. Mobius cleaners take great pride in their work, knowing that we are collectively judged each day on our efforts.

The enemy of high cleaning standards is the complacency that results from performing repetitive tasks without reward. We avoid this by reviewing our cleaners’ work regularly and recognising the positive difference they make with every action they take.


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Glazing & Signage

Making a great first impression.

Traditional, jetwash, pole-fed or chemical-free – our approach to glazing and signage cleaning is determined by the environment, client preference and best-value but, always, the quality of the result is paramount.

Easily overlooked, clean glazing and signage can seem like an invisible benefit, but the reverse – dirty glazing and signage – stands out a mile and creates the impression of a poorly managed company.

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Auditing of Standards

Maintaining standards and driving service improvement.

We keep our cleaning services under permanent audit using experts to assess performance through unannounced inspections. The same experts also guide our training assessments – how do we improve? What can be done to get yet better results?

This process is key to establishing high service benchmarks, maintaining them, ensuring important ancillary service issues such as COSHH records are kept up to date, and avoiding the gradual decline that occurs when supervision slips away.

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Covid & Sanitisation Spraying

Covid is a game-changer. It has changed the way we use workspaces and it has changed the way users expect them to be cleaned.

We have changed with it. The products we use are sourced and checked on the basis of their efficacy at leaving surfaces fully sanitised. All of our focus on high touch point areas, in particular, has become laser sharp.

And when the positive cases pop-up, we have the tools and teams to deliver full sanitisation of workspaces using our electro-static sprayers, to provide complete comfort and reassurance to your colleagues and visitors.

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Start a Conversation.

We’re always keen to discuss new opportunites. Security, cleaning, maintenance and janitorial services – these are our specialisms. And what we like to call Hybrid Security Staff is particularly unique to us. Whether you prefer bundled or separate service provision, or need single or several services, we would be thrilled to hear from you. And if you’re not seeing an exact match to your needs here, contact us anyway, most of the services we now call ‘specialisms’ started because a customer needed something else from us.