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Our security services range is truly comprehensive and reflects the varied skills of our expert management group, while our reputation for quality reflects the hard work of our highly motivated security professionals, delivering excellence and value on the ground, every single day.

From manned guarding and front of house security reception staff to integrated security systems, from vehicle-mounted security to physical security infrastructure, security was, is and always must be, a people business. The ability to identify issues as they arise, to deliver a timely and well-judged response, to debrief and critique that response to become more effective and more aware of future threats and challenges – these are people skills and that’s where our focus lies. Technology is a vital toolkit which needs to be intelligently applied to drive improvement. So it should be comforting to know that we have an excellent track record in all aspects of the commercial security sector – and what sets us apart is our application of all these tools to provide safer, better protected workspaces.

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Manned Security

Fully Licensed and Approved Contractor Scheme accredited, our manned security service is the beating heart of our business.

There are two key factors to success in manned security service delivery:

First – get the service design right. We work in conjunction with our customers to truly learn their operation and the risks it is subject to. That enables us to design a matrix of security programmes that properly matches and mitigates those risks but which also works with and alongside their operation – without compromising it.

Second – deploy the right people for the job. Focus on their needs as well as the assignment instruction. Train, develop, manage and motivate them, to ensure the service delivery is consistent and high quality, always.

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Integrated Security Technology

Bringing together the right blend of CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, and other technologies, to build the best possible security systems toolkit.

We passionately believe in using technology to improve and progress security service delivery, and we also know that our pragmatic approach to integrating technology is where the key to success lies. How does technology fit? What are the real improvements on offer? Ultimately, does new technology make our customer safer?

That’s both our skill and our approach. We keep a close eye on the steady flow of  advancements in security technologies and apply them selectively and intelligently, to effect positive change in our customers’ security strategies.

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Security Reception

Often the hardest discipline to get right is the point where front of house meets access control.

Sometimes the first barrier to unauthorised entry, but more commonly the last, the receptionist has to strike the right balance between providing a polished professional welcome to your premises whilst always being alert to the dangers of offering access to strangers. Throw into the mix the multitude of other administrative functions required from ‘front of house’, this is a genuinely challenging role.

Careful management of the tension that’s implied in this service is critical to success. And the ‘balance point’ isn’t fixed. The staff delivering the service must be trained to know when to bias towards security and when to emphasise the greeting. It’s an art.

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Vehicle Mounted Security

Keeping high value assets secure whilst in transit is a particular challenge. It needs detailed planning and careful execution.

High value goods, protected intellectual property, bulk retail product… maintaining the integrity of the supply chain whilst in-transit is a vital component of many organisations’ security strategies.

We have many years’ knowledge and experience to call on and have conducted many operations (simple and complex) both solo and with partners. There’s no one-size-fits-all; some operations call for multi-jurisdiction geo-fenced mobile units and police force collaboration, many don’t – it’s better if we talk about your specific challenge…

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Physical Security

Gates, fences, walls and doors – the fabric of the physical security infrastructure needs careful thought, regular review, and a thorough understanding of core security principles.

We support our customers in thinking through how physical barriers to unauthorised access can support their security operation and also enable their organisation to function efficiently. Then, we work with specialist partners to design the right solutions, within budget, on time and with a keen eye on future needs.

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We’re always keen to discuss new opportunities. Security, cleaning, maintenance and janitorial services – these are our specialisms. And what we like to call Hybrid Security Staff is particularly unique to us. Whether you prefer bundled or separate service provision, or need single or several services, we would be thrilled to hear from you. And if you’re not seeing an exact match to your needs here, contact us anyway, most of the services we now call ‘specialisms’ started because a customer needed something else from us.